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We are more than a BBQ Restaurant serving old fashion Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket, Ribs,and Chicken. We also cater and sell our own line of Authentic BBQ Sauces.

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Dry and Wet Flavoring Tomato Based Sauce

Tennessee-style barbecue differentiates itself from other regional styles in a number of factors. In terms of flavor, Tennessee (​with Memphis-style barbecue being the bbq capital of the state) defines itself through the making of both dry and wet barbecue cooking methods. With dry barbecue, only a spice rub is applied prior to smoking, while wet barbecue involves meticulously basting your meat throughout the cooking process.

Bursting with Flavor, Tennesse Style!!!


Hickory Smoked

One of the most critical aspects of authentic Tennessee barbecue is the wood used for smoking. The most common wood to smoke with is hickory. We also use Pecan and Oak. Sometimes Cherry may also be added in small amounts to give fruitier undertones to the rich smokiness!

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